Tuition Fees

All tuition fees must be paid prior to the start date for the programme of study applied for. Details on tuition fees are provided in the qualification section.

Diploma in Naturopathy $2, 895 per year
Diploma in Nutritional Science $4, 196 per year
Certificate in Anatomy and Physiology $1, 130

Other Fees

Student Administration Fee

$100 per academic year of study or per new enrolment

Materials and Examination Fees

The materials and examination fees cover printing, packaging and courier of study material, materials used at workshops (food, herbs, remedies etc), tutor time for examinations and the like. Fees vary by programme. For details see in the qualification section.

Application for Prior Learning/Cross Crediting

The Initial APL application fee is $100.00. This is paid on application and is non-refundable.

If the applicant is granted credit transfers, there will be an additional fee of 15% of the course fees for each course approved for cross credits, up to a maximum of $400 per 120 credit academic year. Applicants will be invoiced these fees once their application is processed. The 15% fee can be paid for by student loan. However, where an applicant is providing evidence that they have met the requirements of a pre-requisite programme of study the 15% does not apply. In addition, the 15% fee does not apply to NCNZ students applying to cross credit from one NCNZ qualification to another.

Workshop Fees

Where a student fails to attend the workshop they are confirmed to attend, (unless there are extenuating circumstances), a fee of $250.00 will be charged to attend an alternative workshop.

Textbooks and Equipment

Information on compulsory texts is available in each qualification section. The cost of compulsory textbooks and materials is not included in course fees. Please contact the Enrolment Officer for more information on textbook costs. All textbooks are available from NCNZ and can be paid for by student loan.

First Aid Certificates

To gain completion for some qualifications you are required to hold a current First Aid certificate (see the qualification section information for detail). You will be required to complete a comprehensive two day First Aid course or refresher training as appropriate. The cost of any training is the responsibility of the student. A copy of your valid First Aid certificate must then be sent into the College.

Student Fee Protection

By law, all education providers are required to have some form of protection for fees paid in advance. NCNZ has chosen Public Trust - Fee Protect. Fee Protect is a student fee trust account which ensures you receive a refund of student fees, which are held in trust, if in the unlikely event the College is unable to complete your course. This could be because of closure, insolvency, loss of NZQA accreditation or programme withdrawal within the stated time frame.

Withdrawal Policy

Students may withdraw from their programme of study at any time:

  • If a student withdraws from their programme of study within the first 8 days from commencement of that programme a full refund will be made less $500.00 or 10%, whichever is the lesser amount, provided that all course material is returned in perfect condition within this time frame.
  • Student withdrawals after eight days shall NOT be eligible for any refund of fees.