Natural medicine is an exciting industry to be working in, with a growing number of people seeking the advice of natural health practitioners and taking natural products. NCNZ has been providing flexible distance learning for over 30 years. We offer self directed full time and part time programmes of study to meet individual student needs, allowing learners to study from their own homes. 

Qualifications Review

Since 2009 the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) has been undertaking a review of all level 1 – 6 qualifications in New Zealand, to ensure that the qualifications being taught are relevant to current and future students and employers. As each field of study has been reviewed, a new range of qualifications has been created, replacing the existing ones on offer.

The review of natural medicine training is completed, and NCNZ is currently applying to NZQA to teach a new suite of qualifications from 2017. Existing students will be able to complete the qualification that they have already enrolled into BUT must be aware that these qualifications MUST be completed by September 2020.

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