Advanced Diploma in Health Science (Naturopathy and Nutrition) (Level 7)

About Naturopathy and Nutrition

Naturopathy is not a therapy but a philosophy of health, combining vitalistic principles with biological sciences. All civilisations have used natural means to assist the body’s natural healing processes. Naturopathic medicine today draws on these ancient understandings and integrates it with modern day scientific knowledge. The scope of practice of naturopaths includes a range of healing modalities such as nutrition, herbal medicine, flower essences, body work and stress management techniques.

The focus on nutrition in the western world has heightened in recent years with such trends as escalating obesity and diabetes rates. There has been an enormous amount of research to show that diet has an integral part to play in the prevention and treatment of a large number of common illnesses. As the old saying goes, “You are what you eat”. This simple statement could not better sum up the fact that the tissues that make up our bodies are built on the foods that we put in the supermarket trolley.

Programme Outline

The purpose of this qualification is to provide the community with naturopaths and nutritionists who can apply in-depth scientific knowledge of the human body to assist people with the prevention of lifestyle based health issues and health conditions or diseases.

Course CodeCourseCredits
DHS 701Nutritional Biochemistry15
DHS 702Pathology and Clinical Science15
DHS 703Herbal Medicine Materia Medica15
DHS 704Complementary Theories I15
DHS 705Complementary Theories II15
DHS 706Dietary Plan (Lifestyle)15
DHS 707Clinical Skills15
DHS 708Clinical Examinations15
DHS 721Clinical Diagnostics15
DHS 722Medicinal Food Science15
DHS 723Clinical Case Studies15
DHS 724Advanced Herbal Medicine15
DHS 725Pharmacology15
DHS 726Psychology and Counselling Theory15
DHS 727Establish and Manage a Practice15
DHS 728Clinical Practicum15

Employment and Education Pathway

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Duration of Study

Full time2 years (83 weeks)
Part time4 years (166 weeks)

Clinical Practical Exams

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Entry Criteria

Applicants should demonstrate an ability to succeed in tertiary study, shown by the completion of any of the following qualifications or courses of study:

  • New Zealand Diploma in Health Science (Level 5)


  • Equivalent qualification


  • First Aid Certificate

Recognition of Prior Learning

Where transfer of credit for previous study is being applied for, Recognition of Prior Learning Form (RPL) must be submitted on the same day as the enrolment form, along with supporting documentation. See the Recognition of Prior Learning section for full APL criteria and details on how to undertake an application.


Tuition FeesTBC as at 2018
Materials and Examination FeeTBC as at 2018
Administration FeesTBC as at 2018
First Aid CoursePrices vary. Must be NZQA approved

Textbooks and Equipment

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