Study Online

NCNZ offers a number of online learning resources to facilitate your learning and connect you with classmates from around New Zealand.

The Online Campus

The Online Campus gives you access to electronic course notes, assessments, and online learning tools and activities from anywhere where you can access the internet. This means you can study from home, at the library or even from a friends place while they look after the kids for a couple of hours.

A key part of the Online Campus is the forums available for each course of study. These are a great vehicle for networking and communicating with fellow students from around the country. You can discuss course content, theory, assessments, and learn and share with your peers. The forums help to address some of the challenges of learning by distance by plugging you into an online community.


Peer support is a key element in maintaining motivation when undertaking distance learning. To help facilitate this interaction, NCNZ has on offer a Facebook group called NatNet. NatNet is a sister site to the Online Campus. Where the Online Campus is focused on your learning, this site is set to meet the social needs of NCNZ students. It allows you to better get to know other students, support each other in your learning and keep in touch following workshops.

The Student Resource Centre

The Student Resource Centre is an area of the Online Campus where you can find all the information you need to be successful in your studies. It includes your online student handbook and provides a broad range of information, from details on the support services available to you from our staff, to downloadable administration and case taking forms.

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