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Linda leads and manages the Naturopathic College of New Zealand to achieve business, education, quality, team and risk management outcomes – central to this is long term sustainability and continual improvement to the value, quality and educational performance of the programmes.

Linda has extensive experience in the tertiary education sector, having spent the last 20 years in the industry. Some of Linda’s roles over that period include Senior Lecturer, Learning Systems Manager, Head of School and most recently Chief Executive of YMCA for the Greater Wellington region, she brings a blend of business and educational experience to the College. As well as being Head of School, Linda will also be a key member of the Cornerstone Group Senior Management Team.

 MMgmt (Dist.), BAC, NCAET (L6)

Natalie’s fascination with natural health began at a young age, thanks to her grandmother, who had a keen interest in herbs and nutrition. This childhood fascination developed into a dedicated lifestyle – Natalie incorporates natural therapies into the everyday lives of herself, her family and all those
she surrounds herself with. After completing a psychology degree and training in massage therapy, Natalie enrolled at the Naturopathic College to expand her knowledge. She has worked as a naturopath in a shared clinic and she has also spent 16 years running her own massage business.
Natalie joined us as a tutor in 2011.

Top tip: Get organised and plan your study well. Ensure your support network knows the commitment you are undertaking and how they can help support you through the challenges.
Network with like-minded people. Read, read and read some more – keep yourself updated!

*Bachelor of Social Science (Honours), Diploma in Naturopathy, Diploma in Relaxation Massage, Certificate in Homeobotanicals

A unwavering desire to help people and the planet has been the key driver in Nicola’s natural health journey. A qualified naturopath and medical herbalist, as well as a homeobotanical and QRA practitioner, Nicola runs a private clinic in New Plymouth specialising in fertility, allergies, gut health and emotional balance. In addition to her practice, Nicola shares her knowledge and experience with students at the Naturopathic College. Teaching enables her to help the next generation of healers become all that they can be – and in turn, positively benefit the lives, health and happiness of many more people.

Top tip: Keep an open mind, as this is a field in which ‘truisms’ are often shown to be beliefs, and are not always correct. Be open to different understandings of the causality of health issues – metaphysical connections and energetic imbalances play a huge part. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t know much initially, as knowledge comes with passion, hard work, increased development, trust of your intuitive power and the willingness to learn, as well as clinical practice. Shine Bright!

*Bachelor of Arts, Diploma of Naturopathy and Medical Herbalism, Certificate of Massage, Certificate Adult Education and Training, Certificate of Homeobotanical Therapy

Massage and plant medicines were an intrinsic part of Roimata’s upbringing, so turning that into a career was a natural progression. A highly-experienced massage practitioner, Roimata has worked at the Taranaki Thermal Spa and run her own mobile massage service. Through massage, she has connected with a diverse range of Taranaki community groups, from babies to kaumātua, from athletes to people with disabilities. Roimata’s studies in Applied Sciences further broadened her expertise, and in 2004 she joined the Naturopathic College to share her extensive knowledge in anatomy, physiology and massage with our students.

*Diploma in Applied Science, Certificate in Homeobotanicals, Certificate in Relaxation Massage, Certificate in Adult Teaching

Originally from Canada, Maggie’s journey into natural healing began with the birth of her first child and her subsequent association with La Leche League. She went on study at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition as a distance student – an experience that prepared her well for supporting students here at the Naturopathic College. Maggie is extremely passionate about food quality, and the innumerable benefits that come with improving what we eat. She operated an organic farm producing market garden vegetables and dairy goats in Canada, and is now continuing on her self-sufficiency journey, living on a lifestyle block just outside New Plymouth that boasts an abundant garden, orchard and animals.

*Diploma in Holistic Nutrition

Annemarie was raised with complementary medicine, and has spent her most of her life living and breathing natural therapies. After training in the Netherlands as a nurse and naturopath she moved to New Zealand, choosing to settle amongst like-minded natural health practitioners in New Plymouth. Since then Annemarie has worked as a nurse at Southern Cross, and run her own private naturopathic practice alongside her work with reiki and kinesiology. She has tutored at the Naturopathic College off and on for many years, and loves passing on her passion and helping students see the logic and common sense of health when viewed from the naturopathic philosophy.

Top tip: Allow the journey to unfold, and give yourself time to integrate the knowledge acquired.
Just about everything you learn will be applied to yourself, so in many ways this learning journey automatically is a healing journey, with all its pitfalls, traumas, frustrations, and eventually achievements.

*Registered nurse, Diploma in Naturopathy, Applied Kinesiology, Certificate in Adult Teaching

Kimmie monitors all students’ progress throughout the year. Kimmie looks after course completions and the issuing of diplomas and certificates, co-ordinating workshop attendance, extensions, changes to course status and withdrawals. Kimmie has a 25 year background in administration support services. In her spare time Kimmie likes to relax and ground herself practicing yoga and enjoys getting outdoors on vigorous walks with her boisterous Staffy-X Buddha.

Anneka has spent four years as a Training Manager for a large Industry Training Organisation and has also carried out projects to identify at-risk trainees and developed targeted plans to support an increase in retention and completions. She also has a background in sport coaching, mentoring and workplace training and assessment. Anneka holds a health science based Bachelor of Sports (Management) and a Workplace Assessor Certificate.

When Kate began seeking an alternative to mainstream medicine for her own wellness journey, little did she know it would end up evolving into career. She was the first student to graduate from the Naturopathic College’s Diploma in Nutritional Science, further fuelling her passion for holistic health.
After gaining her Diploma in Naturopathy and working in a local health store, Kate went on to open her own clinic, and completed further specialised study in fertility and reproductive health. She has been sharing her knowledge with students at the Naturopathic College since 2014, empowering and inspiring them to use holistic health principles to enhance the lives of themselves and others.

Top tip: Live what you learn! Don’t wait until you graduate to start putting it into practice.
Throughout your study journey create a website, start a blog, see clients. It’s scary, but take the leap.

*Graduate Diploma in Fertility & Reproductive Health, Diploma in Naturopathy, Diploma in Nutritional Science, Certificate in Massage

Robina is passionate about lifestyle balance, positive aging and optimum skin health. A former model and internationally-qualified beauty and body therapist, she has worked in busy clinics in the UK and New Zealand. A highly experienced facial and body therapy tutor, Robina taught at WelTec and WITT before joining the team at the Naturopathic College of New Zealand in 2014. Robina whakapapas to Taranaki region and descends from Te Ātiawa and Ngāti Tama iwi. In addition to her tutoring, she is part of our Māori student support team. She also facilitates workshops in hot stone massage and beauty therapy treatments.

Nā tō rourou nā taku rourou – ka ora ai te iwi.
With your food basket and my food basket the people will thrive.

I will share my knowledge and you will share your knowledge and together we will share well-being with all.

*Bachelor of Education (Adult Education), Diploma in CIDESCO, Diploma in CIBTAC Esthetiques, Body Therapy, Electrical Epilation

Naomi is your initial point of contact here at the College. She is happy to help with anything you may need, from general inquiries through to connecting you to a tutor. Naomi has a background in administration and customer service. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her husband and two young busy boys, cooking and hanging out at the beach.

Casey will provide student management system, learning management system and digital communication administrative support. He has a background as a data and business analyst in the health and power sector and has worked in NZ, Australia and Europe. He will develop systems and processes to ensure we know our students journey well and can respond quickly to enable student success. Casey holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration.