Our Level 7 Programme Leader and Naturopathy & Nutrition tutor Natalie Wallace is a big fan of flower essences.

What are flower essences best used for?
Flower essences can help people deal with stress, crisis, and anxiety and coping with the ups and downs of life. They provide supportive emotional care and assist people in maintaining emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. The response to flower essences is subtle and very individual. The shift can be very slight, or quite dramatic, depending on where each person is at emotionally.

How are they made?
Flower essences are the natural product of what appears to be a deceptively simple process. This process utilises the natural power of sunlight, pure water and specific individual plants to harness energetic vibrations. The water that the plant is steeped in is imprinted with the unique energetic signature or vibration of a particular plant, which has particular healing qualities. This process is referred to as ‘solarisation’ because it depends on sunlight.

How do they work?

Mortar of healing herbs, herbal tea assortment and berries on table. Top view. Herbal medicine.

Flower essences come under the general heading of vibrational therapy or energetic medicine, and this approach to healing is very ancient. They work on the body, mind, soul and spirit transferring the resonance of the healing vibration of the flower (the most powerful and highly evolved part of a plant). Flower essences transfer the healing vibrational blueprint or electromagnetic pattern from a plant into the human energy field. They work on an emotional, mental and spiritual level to harmonise negative and disharmonious attitudes, feelings and belief patterns that are held in the subconscious mind.

What areas have you had exceptional success using flower essences?

Many of the great outcomes I have seen from using flower essences come in the area of stress and anxiety relief. A shift from feeling overwhelmed and manic can be improved with flower essences.  This increased relaxation state enables people to become really clear about their priorities instead of being whipped up in the rollercoaster of life. Improved sleep, less worry, relieved depression and self-confidence are also areas I see a lot of with flower essence treatment. These changes can be very subtle, yet quite life changing for the person involved.

Introduce us to a couple of your favourite essences.
Matata is really effective for the overactive busy mind, worry and unwanted thoughts, while kowhai is great for adjusting to life’s changes and sensitivity to outside influences.