Registered Clinical Nutritionist
Food for Life

Certificate in Anatomy and Physiology (Level 3)
Diploma in Nutritional Science (Level 6)
Naturopathic College of New Zealand

A desire to help her clients improve their diets as well as their exercise regimes, inspired Napier-based fitness instructor Heather to enrol at the Naturopathic College of NZ. Now she has her own clinic assisting clients with weight loss and gut-related issues. Not only that, but she runs regular health seminars and even has her own radio show!

What sparked your interest in natural health?
I’ve always been into fitness and have been a gym goer since my teens. I ran track in high school and university, and with it went proper nutrition, so I got my hands on magazines and books about nutrition from a young age. I was already working as a fitness instructor when I decided to expand my area of expertise and specialise in nutrition as well.

What were the biggest benefits of studying with NCNZ?
Everything I learned at NCNZ was really valuable, and best of all, they equipped me with the tools to set up my own business upon graduation. That was priceless. The workshops were also a real highlight – being with other students and having access to the teachers face-to-face was a huge encouragement. Long distance study can be isolating, and requires a lot of self-discipline, which is something I had to learn!

You graduated from NCNZ back in 2015. What’s been happening since?
After I graduated I joined another nutritionist and her business, but that didn’t work out, so I started my own clinic, Food for Life. Although I didn’t choose to focus on a specific area of nutrition, it seems I do a lot of work with clients around weight loss and gut issues. I also have a radio show on our local radio station where I speak about different health-related topics and interview guests. On top of that, I work as a fitness instructor and give health presentations to various groups, clubs and businesses. When you run your own business, you have to keep putting yourself out there to ensure a steady stream of clients coming through the door.

What do you love most about your work?
The results of happy clients!  I love working with clients one-on-one, and seeing them take control of their health, make positive changes and reap the rewards!

How has a career in natural health enhanced your own wellbeing?
I try and role model what I preach, so I’m always conscious of what I eat, how I eat and my environment. I think more about what’s in everything, including personal care products, and I have switched to everything natural.

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