We are excited to announce that the Natural Health Practitioners of New Zealand (NHPNZ) are offering discounted memberships to both our students and graduates.

Who can apply?

Students currently studying with us in any of our programmes can apply for a student membership.

Graduates of our Diploma in Naturopathy (Level 6), Diploma in Nutrition (Level 6) and Advanced Diploma in Health Sciences (Level 7) can apply for a Practitioners Membership.

What is NHPNZ?

The Natural Health Practitioners of New Zealand is a leading professional Natural Healthcare Practitioner Register in New Zealand.

The Natural Health Practitioners of New Zealand is an umbrella organisation created to represent a number of affiliated associations of natural healthcare professionals in diverse fields.

These are divided broadly into the following two professions:

  • Natural Medicine Profession which includes the Traditional Chinese Medicine Profession
  • Natural Therapies Profession

The society’s framework embraces a large and diverse range of Natural Healthcare Modalities.

What are the benefits of being a member?

For Students

Through the Student Membership you will be:

  • Associated with a professional body
  • Have full Comprehensive Professional Liability Insurance Protection Cover
  • The transition from a student membership to a Full membership will be easier when you graduate.

NB: Student members do not have voting rights as they are not yet qualified

For Graduates

Our graduates will be eligible for a full membership. This includes:

  • Full Comprehensive Professional Liability Insurance Protection Cover
  • Association with a professional body
  • Voting rights in the governance of NHPNZ
  • Promotion of Practitioner members and Professional Associations via the NHPNZ website.
  • Networking through meetings and events e.g. Natural Health Expo and the Health Awards Evening.
  • Access to on-going Professional Development via courses and webinars.
  • Access to ongoing support of inquiries for members and the public via email and phone.
  • Access to ongoing development of Professional standards to ensure Public Safety

Once you become a practitioner Member you will be expected to meet the Continuing Professional Guidelines of the society in order to maintain your membership. Please contact NHPNZ or NCNZ for details or for more information go to: http://nhpnz.org/

What does it cost to become a member of NHPNZ?

Student Member

InsuranceMembershipAdmin feeTotal
$310.50$50.00$50.00$410.50 per annum


What do I need to do to become a member of NHPNZ?

Email us at info@ncnz.co.nz. We will then forward your application through to NHPNZ who will get in touch about processing your application and payment.