Moving from the Coromandel with her family in 2005, Rosanne saw New Plymouth as a place where she could maintain the beach lifestyle that she enjoyed, while giving her children better educational opportunities.

For the next twelve years Rosanne worked in private education, starting as a curriculum writer and manager, before being given the responsibility of running the newly formed e-learning team.  To gain a better understanding of her team and their roles, she completed her Graduate Certificate in Applied E-learning. She went on to lead the distance learning team, particularly enjoying working with her tutors and their students.

More recently, Rosanne was Group Manager for Wood Group Training where she managed the T & C function on projects, started up an Australian RTO (Registered Training Organisation) and managed the quality and operational functions of the training company.

Now Programme Delivery Manager at NCNZ, Rosanne is delighted to once again be working with a team of tutors as well as helping students to fulfil their study goals and make a positive difference in their lives.

In her spare time you are likely to find Rosanne visiting family around the country, working in her garden, walking her black lab on the beach or just enjoying the Taranaki lifestyle.

Top Tip: Take the opportunities offered to you and embrace them. You may only get an opportunity once and you need to block out your doubts and say “I can do this”. Taking on a new challenge and stepping outside of your comfort zone is the best feeling and empowering no matter the outcome.

*Bachelor of Arts majoring in International Politics, Graduate Certificate in Applied E-Learning.

Anneka is a firm believer in practicing what you preach. By making the most of her opportunities, Anneka’s career journey has enabled her to traverse a broad and exciting range of industries. After gaining a Bachelor of Sport Management she spent six years working in a managerial role in the hospitality industry, before moving into the education sector as an account manager for the Skills Organisation.

A shift from Auckland to New Plymouth opened the door to a position at Aspire2, initially in a student success role before moving across to the marketing team. Now Anneka has come full circle, moving back into the operations space and growing the capabilities and reach of our student success team. As Brand and Operations Manager Anneka supports and guides the operations team while also looking after the representation of the brand. This dual role enables her  to influence the processes across both brand and operations to make a meaningful impact on the journey of our students.

“I love seeing the impact my team has on the students as they support them to succeed in their studies, as well as finding solutions for any roadblocks that might occur to ensure students have the best experience throughout their time studying with us.”

Anneka was recently nominated for Rookie Marketer of the Year at the New Zealand Marketing Awards, and also presented at Canvascon in Sydney, sharing the Distance Learning Division’s Canvas journey, and its significant contribution to the student experience.

Top Tip: Grab every opportunity you have with both hands, because you never know where it might take you

A desire to understand what makes people sick combined with a lifelong love of nature inspired Jacqui to begin her journey in natural health. With a great grandmother who was a traditional healer and mid-wife, it was probably in her blood.

Jacqui – a mother of three – started her training when her kids were young, completing a Post- graduate Diploma in Human Nutrition. She went on to run her own naturopathic practice in Whangaparaoa for 12 years, and lectured part time for seven years at South Pacific College of Natural Medicine. She completed her masters specialising in iodine (or lack of) in mid-life women – an area she is particularly passionate about.

After moving to New Plymouth, Jacqui and her family bought a property which they are developing into food forests in the style of permaculture. At NCNZ she is a programme coordinator and tutors advanced herbal medicine and establishing and managing a practice. She is also on the education subcommittee for NZAMH (New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists).

For Jacqui, natural therapies have brought immeasurable benefits. “They’ve helped me to understand human folk and all our joys and frailties, and they’ve taught me that nature and energetic mechanisms are to be greatly respected and honoured. This journey has put me in touch with many like-minded people and been a greatly satisfying career.”

Top tip: Don’t give up, you will make it and the journey will be rewarding.

* Masters in Human Nutrition, BHSc Complementary Medicine, Adv Dip Naturopathy, Adv Dip Herbal Medicine, Level 2 Bach flower practitioner

When Aseem’s mother started suffering from arthritis, he was determined to help. He enrolled at university to gain a Bachelor of Natural Medicine – a step which has taken him on an unexpected but rewarding journey from son to student, to doctor and now teacher.

After graduating with his degree, Aseem spent seven years working in a Ministry of Health practice in India, a role which fuelled his passion for clinical practice and diagnosis. A move to New Zealand provided him with the ideal opportunity to share his clinical expertise with students at NCNZ, while also positively contributing to the health of individuals and their communities through the practice of natural medicine.

Aseem loves the opportunity to share his knowledge with our students and he also provides after hours consultations. His particular area of interest is detoxification therapies.

Top tip: Don’t chase success. Chase excellence and success will naturally follow.

* Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery, Diploma in Naturopathy and Yoga, Fellowship in Orthopedic Rehabilitation, Certificate  in Panchkarma (Ayurvedic detoxification process), Certificate in Ksharsutra (Ayurvedic treatment for anorectal diseases), Certificate in Homeobotanicals

Massage and plant medicines were an intrinsic part of Roimata’s upbringing, so turning that into a career was a natural progression. A highly-experienced massage practitioner, Roimata has worked at the Taranaki Thermal Spa and run her own mobile massage service. Through massage, she has connected with a diverse range of Taranaki community groups, from babies to kaumātua, from athletes to people with disabilities. Roimata’s studies in Applied Sciences further broadened her expertise, and in 2004 she joined the Naturopathic College to share her extensive knowledge in anatomy, physiology and massage with our students.

*Diploma in Applied Science, Certificate in Homeobotanicals, Certificate in Relaxation Massage, Certificate in Adult Teaching

Maggie has always understood the importance of food. In fact, her journey began when as an infant, she nearly died through the weaning process. Since then she has gradually healed her body using natural therapies, with fantastic results – as a child she could only eat a dozen or two foods, yet now there are just four foods she can’t eat.

“That’s been pretty powerful. No more asthma, eczema, and very little hay fever and no more pet allergies either.”

Originally from Canada, Maggie became involved with La Leche League after the birth of her first child, and her journey into natural healing took another giant step. She went on to study at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition as a distance student – an experience that prepared her well for supporting students here at the Naturopathic College.

Maggie is extremely passionate about food quality, and the numerous benefits that come with improving what we eat. She started growing food and herbs in Vancouver and later bought an organic farm in Nova Scotia where she produced market garden vegetables and dairy goats. After losing her husband a few years later, Maggie felt she needed to re-invent herself, so she formalised her nutrition study and moved to New Zealand.

Shortly after gaining her Diploma in Natural Nutrition she was hired by NCNZ, and now as well as tutoring, she is continuing on her self-sufficiency journey, living on a lifestyle block just outside New Plymouth that boasts an abundant garden, orchard and animals.

Top tip: It often takes a number of years to get to a disease state, therefore the journey back will not be a quick one either.  There are no magic pills or potions, just help along the way.

*Diploma in Natural Nutrition

Annemarie was raised with complementary medicine, and has spent her most of her life living and breathing natural therapies. After training in the Netherlands as a nurse and naturopath she moved to New Zealand, choosing to settle amongst like-minded natural health practitioners in New Plymouth. Since then Annemarie has worked as a nurse at Southern Cross, and run her own private naturopathic practice alongside her work with reiki and kinesiology. She has tutored at the Naturopathic College off and on for many years, and loves passing on her passion and helping students see the logic and common sense of health when viewed from the naturopathic philosophy.

Top tip: Allow the journey to unfold, and give yourself time to integrate the knowledge acquired.
Just about everything you learn will be applied to yourself, so in many ways this learning journey automatically is a healing journey, with all its pitfalls, traumas, frustrations, and eventually achievements.

*Registered nurse, Diploma in Naturopathy, Applied Kinesiology, Certificate in Adult Teaching

Gay-Lynn’s interest in natural health was sparked when her ten-month-old son had recurring ear infections. Her doctor suggested naturopathic treatment, and after taking her son off dairy and wheat, the problem disappeared. The experience motivated her to pursue part-time naturopathy studies, and eventually she gave up her career as a chartered accountant to study naturopathy full-time. After graduating, Gay-Lynn spent six years working for one of Australia’s major natural supplement manufacturers, including also seeing clients in the clinics, before opening her own private naturopath clinic. She also lectured at the Australian College of Naturopathic Medicine and completed subjects towards a Graduate Diploma in Health Science (Nutritional Medicine). After moving back from Australia to New Zealand, Gay-Lynn spent seven years working as a naturopath with one of the country’s leading retail health store franchises, providing advice, developing a national reference training guide and operating naturopathic clinics in five locations across Wellington and Manawatu. She’s been inspiring students at NCNZ since 2014.

Top tip: Follow your passion in natural health, naturopathy, herbal medicine and nutrition. There are plenty of opportunities in this industry for those with the drive to make their way, whether it be establishing their own natural health clinics or working for others in the industry.

* Advanced Diploma in Health Science (Naturopathy) and Practitioner of Herbal Medicine, Bachelor of Science, Certificate in Animal Nutrition (Holistic Animal Therapy Organisation)

She began her career as an industrial chemist, but a battle with endometriosis in her early 20s opened Maxine’s heart to a different calling. As a stressed out mum juggling a full time job and two small children, Maxine began exploring reflexology as a way to help treat the symptoms of her endometriosis. Her interest flourished, and after being made redundant four years later, she completed a Diploma in Reflexology and opened her own clinic.

After moving to New Zealand from South Africa in 1999, she went back to work as an industrial chemist, but her belief in the power of natural remedies never waned. Years later, Maxine decided to officially change career and began studying naturopathy at NCNZ. Now, she’s a tutor here!

“My NCNZ tutor was so amazing and I always wanted to be like her. I wanted to give back to the college a little of what I had received, so I jumped at the chance to become a tutor. I enjoy working with the students and seeing them finally click onto something.”

Top tip:  Stay curious and open minded.

*Masters in Organic Chemistry, Diploma in Naturopathy, Diploma in Reflexology

She dreamed of becoming a doctor but chose the path less travelled.  Rather than training in modern and dental sciences, Ramanjot opted to pursue natural and alternative medicine, training extensively in her homeland India before launching her career as an alternative medicine doctor.

It’s a journey that started 15 years ago, and Ramanjot’s interest and passion have never waned. She says her love of alternative medicines, and thirst for knowledge, get stronger every day. So much so, in fact, that she migrated to New Zealand 18 months ago to pursue post-graduate studies in Health Sciences – a qualification which she has recently completed.

A firm believer in the more you give, the more you learn, Ramanjot is now sharing her knowledge as a tutor at NCNZ, where she loves teaching students about the functioning of the human body, and different treatments and effects.

Over the years Ramanjot has become heavily involved in women’s and children’s health, with a particular interest in infertility, hormonal imbalances, gestational diabetes, pregnancy, post- childbirth and postmenopausal issues and diets. In her spare time, she looks after clients in an after-hours clinic offering naturopathy, ayurvedic and herbal treatments and therapies.

Top tip: Your natural health studies will enable you to achieve your goals – you just need patience, dedication, sincerity and regularity.

* Bachelor of Alternative Medicine and Surgery (Ayurvedic Medicine), Diploma in Naturopathy and Yoga,  Post-graduate Diploma in Health Sciences

Seeing his mother’s chronic neck pain treated – and cured – through the use of herbal medicine was a lifechanging experience for Roshan. So much so in fact, that it inspired him to pursue a career in natural health. His studies have been extensive, covering everything from anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and pathology to clinical subjects, nutrition, public health and disability care.

Further inspired by a friend who used herbal therapies extensively, Roshan began to delve more deeply into therapeutic interventions, using natural remedies to successfully treat a wide range of family health issues.

A talented educator, Roshan has been teaching medical students since 2013, and after the recent completion of his postgraduate studies he joined NCNZ as a fulltime tutor, eager to share his significant knowledge and experience with those travelling a similar path.

Top tip: Believe in natural health and learn the basics.

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery( MBBS), Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health( PGDipPH)

Like many naturopaths, a series of health-related events inspired Erin’s interest and studies into natural health. Her own experiences with pregnancy and miscarriage have played an integral role in shaping her life and work, empowering her to help other women through their unique journeys of pregnancy and childbirth.

Erin has spent much of her career focusing on women’s health and is a huge advocate for educating women on what informed decision making is (as opposed to informed and implied consent). The passionate mother of three also works with clients dealing with mental health issues, and spends any spare time devouring the latest research on entheogenic medicine, an area which she is particularly interested in.

“Natural therapies have been part of the path that has led me to understand what happiness really is, and how to live it. Happiness can be severely impacted by physical health,” she adds.

Until recently, Erin ran her own naturopathic practice in North Waikato, but her desire to share her expertise prompted a move to New Plymouth to join us at NCNZ. Eventually her dream is to gain her masters and teach people about the depth of healing that can be achieved when more than just the physical view is considered.

Top tip: In order to be an amazing practitioner, you need to practice what you preach. If you are telling your clients that they need to change their lifestyle to address their stress levels, ask yourself if you are doing that too.  Be kind to yourself, you have to be your biggest cheerleader in life.

Bachelor of Natural Medicine, currently undertaking a Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education (Level 7)

Turn back the clock ten years and Sarah Clarke was a student here at NCNZ, just embarking on her natural health journey. Since then, she has gained a Bachelor of Natural Medicine, and forged a rewarding career helping numerous people overcome  often significant health challenges. She runs her own naturopathy practice, is an active member of naturopathic and medical herbalist associations NMHNZ and NZAMH and is a highly regarded tutor on our Level 5 and Level 7 programmes. Not one to rest on her laurels, Sarah is also completing the NZ Certificate in Adult Education and undertaking ongoing studies in natural and herbal medicine.

Having completed much of her own natural health study through distance learning, Sarah has first-hand experience of the benefits and frustrations distance students face. She loves sharing her knowledge and seeing students’ delight when they put newly learned principles into practice and achieve great results.

Naturopathy has enabled Sarah to overcome her own health challenges, and help family, friends and clients. She views her knowledge as an amazing resource she can tap into whenever health issues arise and is particularly fascinated by how our psychological processes impact on our physical health.

Top tip: Put into practice what you’re learning about, as this is a great way to solidify the concepts. Research, research, research…this is the way forward for natural medicine.

* Bachelor of Natural Medicine, Certificate in Relaxation Massage, New Zealand Certificate in Adult and Tertiary Teaching

Natalie’s fascination with natural health began at a young age, thanks to her grandmother, who had a keen interest in herbs and nutrition. This childhood fascination developed into a dedicated lifestyle – Natalie incorporates natural therapies into the everyday lives of herself, her family and all those
she surrounds herself with. After completing a psychology degree and training in massage therapy, Natalie enrolled at the Naturopathic College to expand her knowledge. She has worked as a naturopath in a shared clinic and she has also spent 16 years running her own massage business.
Natalie joined us as a tutor in 2011.

Top tip: Get organised and plan your study well. Ensure your support network knows the commitment you are undertaking and how they can help support you through the challenges.
Network with like-minded people. Read, read and read some more – keep yourself updated!

*Bachelor of Social Science (Honours), Diploma in Naturopathy, Diploma in Relaxation Massage, Certificate in Homeobotanicals

Robina is passionate about lifestyle balance, positive aging and optimum skin health. A former model and internationally-qualified beauty and body therapist, she has worked in busy clinics in the UK and New Zealand. A highly experienced facial and body therapy tutor, Robina taught at WelTec and WITT before joining the team at the Naturopathic College of New Zealand in 2014. Robina whakapapas to Taranaki region and descends from Te Ātiawa and Ngāti Tama iwi. In addition to her tutoring, she is part of our Māori student support team. She also facilitates workshops in hot stone massage and beauty therapy treatments.

Nā tō rourou nā taku rourou – ka ora ai te iwi.
With your food basket and my food basket the people will thrive.

I will share my knowledge and you will share your knowledge and together we will share well-being with all.

*Bachelor of Education (Adult Education), Diploma in CIDESCO, Diploma in CIBTAC Esthetiques, Body Therapy, Electrical Epilation

Looking to enrol at NCNZ or BMP? Then it won’t be long before you meet our enrolments extraordinaire, Leanne Brider. It’s Leanne’s job to answer student enquiries during the enrolments process, ensure all documentation is completed correctly and support students into the perfect programmes.

An education enthusiast through and through, Leanne has devoted her career to the sector. Prior to joining our team, she was an administrator for another private training provider and has also tutored Computing Level 2. Her expertise and knowledge span all areas of the education sector, from  programme development, moderation and SDR (single data return) reporting, to  student management system data input, EER and TEC audits.

Plus, she’s a firm believer in the benefits of distance learning through Aspire2’s BMP and NCNZ. Why?
“Study our business management programmes and you can gain the same quality qualifications as other providers but it’s FREE! And as for our awesome NCNZ programmes, you can work towards nationally recognised qualifications, without having to go to campus each week. It’s so convenient!

“We offer a great opportunity to gain qualifications from the comfort of your home.  We are here to support you on  your next journey of learning.”