New Zealand Diploma in Health Science (Level 5)

About this Diploma

This programme of study provides a fascinating introduction into human anatomy and physiology, the structure and function of the body, and how these are closely intertwined.

The study of health sciences enables graduates to work in the community as advisors, applying scientific knowledge of the human body to assist people with the prevention of lifestyle based health issues. Graduates, working under supervision, will be able to contribute to well-being by advocating for good nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices based on current health science and wellness trends.

Online Study

This diploma is offered as a blended programme of study. The majority of your learning will be based from home, using online materials. Assessments will be a combination of online quizzes and written assessments.

Materials required to complete this diploma: A laptop, internet connection and course related text books (see text book section below).

Course Details

This programme consists of eight courses which are each worth 15 credits.

(All courses are compulsory.)

Course CodeCourse NameCourse Credits
DHS501Introduction to Human Biology15
DHS502Principles of Holistic Health15
DHS503Fundamentals of Nutrition15
DHS504Human Nutrition15
DHS505Anatomy and Physiology 115
DHS506Anatomy and Physiology 215
DHS507Professional Practice15
DHS508Introduction to Consultation Processes15

The purpose of this qualification is to provide the community with advisors who can apply scientific knowledge of the human body to assist people with the prevention of lifestyle based health issues.

Graduates working under supervision will be able to contribute to wellbeing by advocating for good nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices based on current health science and wellness trends.

Education Pathway

Graduates will be able to undertake higher education in the areas of nutrition, health-related disciplines, health science, as well as complementary and natural medicine.
Graduates will have a pathway to the Advanced Diploma in Health Science (Naturopathy and Nutrition)(Level 7)

Employment Pathway
Graduates will be able to work as:

  • Retail Workers
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaches
  • Health and Nutrition Advisors

Employment opportunities include:
Health related businesses including but not limited to supplement and food based companies, pharmacies, medical practices, midwifery practices, multi-disciplinary clinics, weight management clinics, the food service industry, community education, gymnasiums, health clubs and spas, personal training, schools, and aged care establishments.

Applicants should demonstrate an ability to succeed in tertiary study, shown by the completion of any of the following qualifications or courses of study:

  • NCEA Level 3 with at least 14 credits in both science and technology or equivalent


  • Certificate in Anatomy and Physiology (Level 4)


  • New Zealand Certificate in Study and Career Preparation Level 4 with a science context;


  • Equivalent qualification.

English language

Applicants whose first language is not English, or who come from a country where the language of instruction in schools or other teaching institutions is not English, are required to provide evidence of having passed such test of English language competence as stipulated in Policy and Procedure English Language Proficiency. It is recommended that applicants have an IELTS score of 6.5. Proficiency must be demonstrated prior to being accepted on the programme

Applicants who do not meet the academic entry criteria above may be admitted to the programme if they are able to demonstrate:

  • Equivalent knowledge and skills; and/or
  • Previous and relevant life skills or work experience; and/or
  • Other formal or informal study such as to suggest likelihood of successful programme completion

Where transfer of credit for previous study is being applied for, the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Form must be submitted at least four weeks prior to the Semester start date.

See the Recognition of Prior Learning section for full RPL criteria and details on how to undertake an application.

Programme Duration: One year full-time or two years part-time.

Semester 1 2022

Start Date: 28 February 2022

End Date: 8 July 2022

Semester 2 2022

Start Date: 25 July 2022

End Date 2 December 2022

Tuition Fees
$4,537.36 including GST
Admin Fees
$100 including GST
Text Books Required
Human Anatomy and Physiology $ 186.30
Staying Healthy with Nutrition $ 109.25
Understanding Pathophysiology $ 230.00
Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine $   51.75
Encyclopaedia of Healing Foods $   74.75
Total cost of all text books $ 652.05

The following currently lists the compulsory of text book for the qualification (subject to change).

 Human Anatomy and Physiology Marieb & Hoehn
 Staying Healthy with Nutrition Haas & Levin
 Understanding Pathophysiology Craft, Gordon & Tiziani
 Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine Murray & Pizzorno
 Encyclopaedia of Healing Foods Murray & Pizzorno

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