Written by Toni Miller is based on nearly thirty years of clinical practice and more than 25 years continuous teaching experience. Written, designed and published in Australia featuring: * 344 full colour pages * 500 high quality iris photos * 250 graphics * New charts and tables * Fabulous illustrations* 22 chapters * Information conforming to modern research* Clearly defined explanations enhance your ability to understand Iridology* Descriptions of physical, mental and emotional significance of eye signs Ideal for students, teachers and practitioners Peer Reviews”This book is a valuable reference to the advanced iridologist who would like to clarify a sign or learn some new iris signs. Toni has presented her own research in this field showing signs never before discovered. The age old questions about iris change have been thoroughly addressed. She includes an explanation of the emotional links between organs and mind, making this text book a treasure of “Integrated Iridology”. I thoroughly recommend this text to all students and practitioners of Iridology”. Ellen Tart Jensen PhD., D.Sc. CCII USA Past president IIPA”I am sure that all practitioners of the “healing arts” will greatly benefit from Toni’s book and I personally see it becoming a “necessary” text for all those seeking to study, apply or teach iridology.