Success Stories

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“Studying with NCNZ made learning and running a busy household completely possible. The quality of the tutors is high, with an emphasis on supporting and guiding students. The tutors are continuously up skilling, which compounds their values, and educational tools that benefit the students. What I also enjoyed was that they never accepted second best, and pushed for better results, with the view of developing you to be the best naturopath that you can. I would highly recommend studying at NCNZ and wouldn’t hesitate to pursue further education with them in the future”. – Paula Hadabora

“My experience with NCNZ has been a real journey. As with many of us studying from a distance, we squeeze our studies in around a schedule that is already quite full. Life sometimes took unexpected turns, and yet NCNZ never failed to support and encourage me. Because of that I kept going when external factors of change and stress were high. I only wish I had taken more advantage of the many offers and reminders to call NCNZ for support. I really appreciate their caring style, their professionalism, that they constantly review everything, and for their facilities like NatNet, the online forums and the e-library.

I would also like to compliment NCNZ on the way in which the subjects are staged, like a step by step climb to the top, built upon solid foundations. It all made sense the further and further I got along the trail. The workshops were always dynamic and fun, and the case studies in the final year pulled everything together. All in all, a fabulous course, run by a fabulous college, guided and supported by fabulous staff. My sincere, heartfelt and big ‘thank you’ to you all.” – Judith Rosario

“I personally found the Naturopathic College a game changer in terms of a complete educational experience. The support staff always went beyond friendly and were always totally supportive with their personal approach. They were complimented by educational staff that exceled both in their depth and breathe of knowledge. The journey as a distance learner can be at times difficult but the support was always there in the form that is the best fit for you, be it phone calls, e-mail or personal feedback at the block courses. The overriding impression is that the tutor’s expectations of you is to go beyond just the achievement of a qualification. They guide and inspire you to be educated to a standard that offers you the confidence and ability to embark on a journey of excellence and professionalism. Most of all you will be inspired by their dedication and knowledge.” – Allan Kirk

“Wow, what a journey I have had with this college. I studied part time in amongst my many life challenges, with children and farming commitments, and I would not have been able to finish my diploma without the amazing support of this college. I was very lucky this course was correspondence, otherwise I would not have been able to achieve the qualification I now have. Each step by step process of learning was incredible. Over the years I learnt how different this college is, with the great ongoing support provided and the depth and range of the assignments and study information. I can honestly say this Diploma is the best there is in New Zealand. I would like to thank all those within NCNZ that helped me on my journey and helped with my success.” – Samara Wech

“My qualification with NCNZ has opened up so many doors for me. The course itself was a fantastic learning experience – about my own health, and about human nature and the role of health practitioners in today’s world. At first I just wanted to get the ‘bit of paper’, but over the course of learning it became so much more than just a ‘piece of paper’.

As a result of completing my Diploma in Naturopathy with NCNZ, I have set up my own company and run a practice using Naturopathy and Bioresonance Therapy. I work alongside two integrated medical doctors and a chiropractor, who refer patients to me for more in depth work on digestive, allergy, and other issues.” – Annie Frame

“I received my naturopathic diploma in April 2011, and opened my own clinic in May 2011. I felt that I had received a strong enough knowledge base from studying with NCNZ to be able to jump straight into my work. Since opening I am very pleased with the progress. I began with a couple of clients a week, and now have full time work with an average of four clients per day, five days a week!

I received a solid foundation through studying with NCNZ. I feel confident in my abilities as a Naturopath, and am very grateful that I was able to study Naturopathy with the Naturopathic College. I couldn’t be happier with how my diploma has affected my life.” – Katherine Bernard

“During my training with the Naturopathic College of New Zealand I was employed by ProActive Health and Wellness Clinic in order to gain my practical experience requirements. During my third year I took over management of Hardy’s Healthy Living which was also owned by ProActive Health.

We now employ two students of the Naturopathic College of New Zealand – one in her third year and one in her first. This has been fantastic for our shop, as we have a good reputation of giving balanced and informed advice.

My graduation from NCNZ has allowed me to grow as a naturopath, business owner, and as a person. It was a great grounding for a great career.” – Gillian Miller

“Self-directed learning was a bit of a challenge at times, but studying long-distance gave me the flexibility I needed as I juggled study, work and motherhood. If I’d had to attend face – to – face classes at a college, I would not have lasted the distance. I received awesome encouragement from the staff when I attended the yearly workshops, and this really helped my confidence. I would recommend the Naturopathic College courses to anyone wanting to take the path of Naturopathic study.” – Vanessa McQueen-Court ND

“I just wanted to take this time to thank you so much for your support, encouragement and feedback over the last year. I am truly grateful for all the tutors’ feedback and comments and have learnt a great deal over the last four years being with NCNZ. I am very very happy and delighted to finally have my dream come true of becoming a Naturopath, and I will still continue to learn and explore new skills and follow the dream further.” – Kimberley Jeromson

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at NCNZ for providing a cost effective, flexible and quality learning option to the many who have studied with you. I feel the qualification itself is fantastic! I love the broadness within which a naturopath can practise and feel extremely confident that all naturopaths graduating through you have a strong base of anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology and client assessment. I would like to say a huge thank you to all the staff at the Naturopathic College and I am sure we will have further contact in the future. Many thanks again and best wishes.” – Dee Gibbons