Student loans and allowances are administered by StudyLink, and are available for all programmes of study except the introductory qualifications. As a general rule, if you are studying part-time then your fees can be paid by student loan. However you may not be eligible for a student allowance or to borrow course related costs to cover additional study expenses such as workshops. If you are studying full-time then your course fees can be paid by a student loan, and it is also likely you will be eligible for course related costs and living costs or a student allowance.

To find out whether you are eligible for a student loan or allowance, contact Study Link on free phone 0800 889 900 or apply online at StudyLink. Please note that you will need to apply for your loan at least six weeks before your programme of study begins, and your loan contract must be returned to StudyLink at least 3 weeks prior to the intake. Your enrolment will not be completed unless your fees have been paid prior to the term start date. Delayed payment via student loan is the main reason student enrolments are declined.