Student Support

Good communication is a vital ingredient to successful learning through online or blended education options. With NCNZ you are never alone. Help is always at hand quickly and easily. You can contact us by freephone, email, fax or by post and we will always be there to support you. The staff at NCNZ care about your learning, and are here to help to achieve your study goals.

Key Tutors

Each student is assigned a Key Tutor at the time of enrolment. This person is your first point of contact and is directly responsible for your course provision at the College. If you have any queries, need some guidance on an assessment, or need some general advice, all you need to do is to get in touch. Your Key Tutor will make contact with you at the start of your program of study to ensure that you are settling in to your learning and answer any queries you may have.

In addition, tutors responsible for each course will be available to contact whenever you need some guidance. All you need to do is phone the College on 0800 759 0218 or send an email enquiry. Please remember that as you are an online or blended education student we will not know when you need assistance unless you take the initiative and get in touch. Our staff are here to support you when you do.

Student Resource Centre

NCNZ offers a comprehensive Student Resource Centre as part of the Online Campus. The centre offers a wide range of resources to students, making it easier for you to undertake your studies and keep in touch. Here you can access information on:

  • Contact details for staff and when they are available
  • Detailed information on who marks each course of study to aid with your enquiries
  • Completing assessments, how to reference, and what to expect in exams
  • All you need to plan for and attend workshops, including accommodation and transport options in New Plymouth
  • Student forms including Consultation forms, Application for Extension, and many others
  • The Student Dispensary to order products for student and client use
  • Access to NatNet
  • An eLibrary
  • Guides to learning at NCNZ, including scanning assessments, undertaking online quizzes and much more.
  • Access to NatNet, our student only Facebook group.

Online Campus Forums

Many of our students enjoy learning with others. To facilitate this, the College has available a number of forums on the Online Campus. This allows you to take part in online discussions relating to each course of study in your programme of study, and to touch base with students in your area to set up study groups. This is a great way to bridge the gap between students from around the country.

NatNet - Social Network Hub

Peer support is a key element in maintaining motivation when undertaking online or blended learning. To help facilitate this interaction, NCNZ has on offer a Facebook group NatNet. This allows you to better get to know other students, support each other in your learning and keep in touch following workshops.

NatChat - Student Newsletter

The College has a bimonthly student e-newsletter called NatChat. This provides a vehicle to keep you up to date on news and activities at the College.

Maori and Pacifika Student Support

The Maori and Pasifika Student Support Officers, can offer support and advice to our Maori and Pasifika learners.

Services for Students with Special Needs or Disabilities

At NCNZ we are committed to offering access to training to those with disabilities or specific needs. As an online learning service we are able to offer you a flexible and accessible way of learning. For many students, studying from your own home minimises the impact that any impairments may have on your access to learning:

  • We provide predominantly online learning. As such, there are no daily on-site access considerations. When students are at workshop, physical access is to a ground floor facility with wheelchair access and restrooms
  • Study material is offered in both printed and electronic format, allowing screen reader software and text enlargement to be utilised.
  • You study on your own computer or tablet, which will already be set up to best assist you with accessing online content.

Students undertaking the Diploma in Naturopathy are required to train in massage and pass an hour long relaxation massage practical test. For those who are unable to undertake massage due to impairment, you might like to consider the Diploma in Nutritional Science as an alternative pathway of study.

To discuss your requirements and how we can best assist you, please phone 0800 759 0218.

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